A Sweden based team of astronomers recently presented a theory that might help in the mission to find extraterrestrial life in outer space. Astronomers at Uppsala University proposed that the disappearing stars (which leave behind no trace in the space) are possibly a result of presence of aliens.

Just like an example given by Mother Nature Network states, if anyone travels through time and comes from the past to present, every modern gadget or technology would seem something magical to him, be It airplanes or smart phones. As the famous Arthur C.Clarke once said, “Any sufficient advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Considering that sudden vanishing of stars (or even galaxies) looks like nothing but magic, scientists have come to believe that this is because the extraterrestrial civilizations have technology that is way too complex and advanced for us to understand as yet.

Earlier this year, the Tabby’s Star made headlines when scientists observed sudden changes in the intensity of its glow.  A few hypothesized that this could be an evidence of ‘’alien mega-structure”. It might sound absurd but yes, theorists tend to believe that there is a high chance that aliens had surrounded the star and were harvesting energy from it to power some sort of alien civilization nearby. The recent theory about vanishing stars can said to be an extension of some previously done research.

By now, Beatriz Villarroel and her team members at Uppsala University have researched on about 300,000 light sources to observe any sudden changes which might give them a lead. With less resources, the mission has been going slowly but even then, the team did find a bunch of suspects that can be further investigated.

Researches will continue and only time will tell if the disappearing of stars has to do something with other species or is there a genuine astrophysical explanation but the question is, do we know what to do once the existence of extraterrestrial life is proved? No, and as the Mother Nature‘s website says, if the above mentioned theory is true, aliens are far advanced than we are and it would be best to avoid them.