Los Angeles - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s mother made sure her son never ran away from trouble after he left his shoes at the scene of a fight .

The wrestler-turned-movie star was bullied in high school and turned on one tormentor when the taunting became too much, but after slugging the thug Dwayne was so worried he was in big trouble he literally ran out of his shoes.

“He was in high school and I jacked him in his face,” the Furious 7 star tells WENN. “I was 11-years-old and ran all the way home, ran out of my shoes!

“My mother was like, ‘What’s going on? Where’s your shoes...?’ I was like, ‘I ran and I left them’. She was like, ‘You ran?’ So it wasn’t even about the shoes...

“She got me back in the car, drove me back to summer camp and made me go find him and made me basically work it out with him.

“The moral of her story was you’re gonna get into a situation but don’t you ever run from anybody. Stand up for yourself.”