ISLAMABAD: A four member delegation from Pakistan visited  China’s Xinjiang province  to find out the truth  in western media reports regarding ban on civil servants, teachers and students of Muslim community from fasting during Ramadan and found that the reports were misleading.

The Pakistani delegation comprised of Imam Faisal Mosque, Mufti Misbah-ur-Rehman, Mufti Abdul Salam Jalali, Qari Buzurg Shah and Director General of Research and Reference Wing, Ministry of Religious Affairs Nur Salam Shah. The delegation found that Muslims were free to observe fast and perform other religious obligations.

A member of the delegation said that  there are at least 20,000 mosques in China where congregations are held for Juma and Eid without any restriction. Halal food prescribed by Muslim law is also available.

After their visit to China and witnessing the religious freedom given to the Muslim community the delegation said that the news regarding ban imposed on teachers, students and civil servants to observe fast during Ramadan were false.

Nur Salam Shah said that the delegation paid a visit to Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang. The delegation visited two mosques and an under construction madrassa funded by the Chinese government. The system of sending Chinese Muslim to perform Hajj is also established. The delegation said that the Chinese government is giving attention to Muslims well being and expressed its satisfaction over the rights given by the Chinese government to Muslims .