PESHAWAR: Senator John McCain, Chairman of US Senate Arms Services committee, accompanied by a congressional delegation including senator Lindsey Graham and senator Joe Donnelly today went to North Waziristan Agency to visit areas cleared of terrorists in Op ZeA .

Having seen  firsthand, the erstwhile hide outs and communication infrastructure, been cleared of terrorists, the delegation was highly appreciative of Pak Army's accomplishment of cleansing the entire area of North Waziristan right upto Pak-Afghan Border. 

Senators also commended the rehabilitation work being carried out by Pak Army to resettle tribals back in their area with dignity and honour.

Later the delegation also met with wounded soldiers and officers who were seriously affected during initial phases Op Zarb e Azb and have now voluntarily rejoined the battlefield.  The visitors appreciated the determination and grit of all affected Pakistani soldiers and their unparalleled sacrifice for their motherland.