Through your exemplary newspaper, I’d like to address the matter regarding cyber-crime and bullying. Nowadays, it has become one of the most notorious crimes, more than half of the world is facing this problem. According to various researchers, approximately a single identity gets stolen per minute. The phonies and identity thieves who disguise themselves as normal people on the social media are hard to detect. They harass people or steal their identities, either for their sadistic amusement or for money. Many pre-teens, teenagers and even adults who were oblivious to such heinous activities died in suicidal attempts. Even constant vigilance by guardians and parents hasn’t ceased the issue. For this very reason, the government passed the Pakistan Electronics Crime Bill 2015, however due to lack of advanced technology and impotent online security measures taken by the higher authorities, Cyber bullying has continued to devastate lives.

It is therefore, requested to the Prime Minister to take serious action in this regard, so that we along with those are important to us can live peacefully.


Karachi, June 13.