ISLAMABAD - With the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) wrapping up its investigation into Panama Papers revelations the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leaders have starting turning bitter and bitter against the Supreme Court appointed probe body to minimise the negative fallout of the findings.

The party leadership is busy working out strategies to tackle with possible worst outcome of the JIT findings but in all these options there is no option to confront with the institutions. However, as part of the damage control strategy the party could make the probe body controversial, which the party leaders have already started by coming up with serious charges against some of the JIT members as well as its modus operandi of investigation.

Sources in the party informed that in case of any adverse findings the party would file its objections on it with the apex court and at the same time would play with it in media and public to portray themselves as victim.

These sources said that worst come worst the party would not push the things to the extent where the system would be endangered as the fall of the incumbent political dispensation would cost the ruling party dearly which would be all means try to stretch the rule till next March when the Senate elections would take place.

Political observers say that by making the JIT controversial the PML-N leaders are actually trying to keep their electorate intact as they want to portray the PML-N leadership as victim and not the accused facing serious charges of money laundering and concealment of assets.

Actually, PML-N could not afford to tread confrontational course especially in the given situation. In case of dislodging of the sitting government in an unconstitutional fashion the ruling party would be the main loser as on one hand they would be out of power while on the other hand the Panama Leaks case would continue in the apex court against them and they would be facing courts as ordinary people with no leverage which they have right now, the observers believe.

The insiders in the ruling PML-N have confirmed that the party would push things to the level where institutions would come in direct confrontation and would contest their case in both political and legal arenas side by side.

These sources said that the party leaders are pointing out and highlighting the biases of the JIT just to make their legal case strong while by doing so they would also be keeping their electorates intact.

The sources in the party also informed that the close aides of Premier Sharif are busy preparing strategies to deal with the possible outcome of the JIT findings which would be submitted to the apex court by 10th of this month and most likely the same would come in media soon after its tabling before the three-member JIT administrative bench.

So to deal with the situation the PML-N had geared up a campaign to make the probe body controversial while some leaders are tacitly also pointing finger at the apex court judges who had equated the ruling family with Sicilian mafia and dubbed Prime Minister as godfather.

A senior leader of the ruling PML-N while commenting on the situation, said that as the JIT is politicising the investigation so the reaction of the ruling party on the findings of the probe body wi also be political.

Without naming anyone, he said that certain forces are pushing them to the wall and they are subjected to this kind of treatment only because the prime minister wants to transform Pakistan into an economic power of the region.