KARACHI - Expertise of armed forces of Pakistan in the counter-terrorism domain have been widely acknowledged across the globe, said counter terrorism expert attached with the Interior Ministry of Spain Dr Sir Syed Shamsul Hassan Azeemi. 

Talking to APP here on Sunday Dr. Azeemi, who is currently on a visit to Pakistan said that having worked with the Spanish government, he thoughts to establish a school of penal and security sciences in Pakistan.

With the available resources and with the help of a few friends, he has established an online university, ‘the National University of Penal, Administrative and Security Sciences’, he added.

Dr Azeemi who is also author of two books on anti-terrorism, informed that he has done articulation agreements with the National Police of Colombia, Interior Ministry of Peru and other important organizations with the aim to establish the campus of University in Pakistan.

‘I want the authorities in homeland, Pakistan, use of my expertise’, he said.

He told that he has done doctorate in Criminal Sciences from Costa Rica and other doctorate in International Law from France and also studied many other professional diplomas as professional investigative techniques, crime scene investigation amongst others.

Speaking about achievements, Dr Azeemi told that he was given the title of Knighthood or Sir from the African King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom of Uganda for educating his nation. The Metropolitan Archbishop of Brazil awarded him the title of Sir for imparting education to the poor nations.

He said that even he is working in Spain, they know him as a Pakistani and when he delivers lectures on international relations and Pakistan’s war on terrorism they get dumbfounded. They even do not know what is really happening to us,’ he said.

They do not know how many casualties we have been inflicted with and how much we have paid for this war on terror and terrorism in our motherland, he added.

He said that he has and will always present the case on international forum of our soil and tell everyone that we are not terrorists rather victim of terrorism caused by other states.

‘He pleas the case of his country when he delivers lectures to the policemen, military or diplomats in different institutions of Spain including Spanish General Military Academy’, Dr Azeemi added.