Rules and laws apply to everyone equally; the rich, the poor, the elderly and children. No one has right to break the law, but the above mentioned statement has been proven wrong in the case of Quetta’s elites. They consider themselves above the standards of law. I hope readers understand my point of view. I’m referring to the case of traffic police sergeant Haji Attaullah, who was rammed by MPA Abdul Majeed Achakzai’s SUV. He suffered serious injuries but unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries. The irony being, there was no doctor on duty when Attaullah was brought to the hospital. A nurse treated him by injecting morphine. Attaullah received no treatment on his death bed during those painful two hours. 

Dear readers, throughout the case, as a nation, as rule of law, as ethical and as moral values, I have observed major flaws; Firstly, there was no FIR registered against Mr. Achakzai, Secondly, there were no emergency facilities at the hospital and Lastly, no justice is yet served for Attaullah and his family. Does Attaullah’s life worth a few lakhs? Why even bother! The poor will accept a few lakhs from a murderer and he can skip his punishment in jail? I’m sure that Attaullah’s family will be threatened to let go of the matter and quietly accept compensation. 


Islamabad, June 29.