Already knowing the factors and prospects of the long-term conflict in Afghanistan, Russia held a regional conference in Moscow on April 14, 2017. Before this conference, one negotiating episode was already organized between Russia, China and Pakistan. United Nations was not consulted while India, Iran and Afghanistan were embraced in the second meeting in the Moscow. 

The Soviet invasion was the devouring period of Afghan people. As, almost one million people were killed, hundreds of thousands were badly injured and more than eight million became external and internal refugees. Basically, Russia had three objectives for implicating itself in the Afghan crisis. Firstly to see Afghanistan as a stable and peaceful country, because, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, so to prevent chaos in these states. Secondly, Russia needs to end smuggling of narcotics from Afghanistan. Its opiate market is worth more than 70 billion. Lastly, Russia is making efforts to expand its sphere of influence in the declining US military presence in Afghanistan. In this regard, Russia is taking an initiative to fight a war against extremism and other major crises in Afghanistan. The fact that Russia can never compete with America in Afghanistan’s problem, as US has spent more than 1 trillion dollar on the Afghan war and reconstruction. 


Shikarpur, June 7.