Why has our nation got into these terminologies? Is there a sigh of relief in this country for a common man? Or is he destined to be tangled with such worries as petrol crisis, clean water scarcity, load-shedding (of both electricity and gas); let alone the inaccessibility to food, health, hygiene and education facilities to the necessitous ones? 

Then why do we argue our nation behaves like a bear with a sore head? The question is has our leadership mended its ways? We are constantly being pushed back to the cave age. The crisis after crisis resulted in confusion worse confounded. Frustration demands catharsis; aggression, unrest and heebie-jeebies shown by the masses being the best definition of this abbreviation. The ne plus ultra of problems and crises causes the public go frantic and psycho. The petulant citizens resort to avenge robbery or loot they faced because they have lost faith in country’s justice system. Needless to say, the preeminent duty of the administration is to purvey fundamentals of life and peace of mind to the citizenry. 


Karachi, June 13.