LAHORE - Delights at Coffee Lounge, a sanctuary for everyone with a playful approach to life, have created an atmosphere of effortless indulgence.

Coffee Lounge at Park Lane Hotel offers a wide range of mouth-watering dishes as well as a live kitchen with renowned chef’s recipes. Though it is pricey, quality justifies the prices. The menu selection is thoughtful, including snacks that compliment the coffee. The entire lounge is infused with the aroma of a fresh brew.

I’ve been to Park Lane Hotel several times and I’m quite fond of their buffet variety and quality. You can always swing by their Coffee Lounge to beat the Monday blues with some tasty lunch items. The ambiance is warm and comfortable, and the interior has a modern look to it. From burgers to cheesecakes, they have it covered. It’s true as they say, “Nothing matches the simple pleasures of a well made sandwich.”

I ordered a Panini sandwich, in which burger buns with marinated grilled chicken breast was served with fries, coleslaw and a variety of sauces, including barbecue, ranch and tomato. The sandwich was crispy, fresh and properly prepared. Reception and all service staff were very cordial and cooperative.