ISLAMABAD-Citizens on Tuesday asked the concerned authorities to immediatly start construction work on Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital expansion plan to facilitate patients with additional medical services.

According to them, there should be no further hindrance in extension work as the hospital was catering to the needs of a large number of people and the present building did not have the capacity to fulfil the requirements of all.

They said that with completion of expansion plan, more facilities would be available for patients and the hospital would offer modern healthcare.

Zahid Naeem, a citizen said that Polyclinic was situated in the centre of the city. He stressed concerned authorities to take immediate steps for its up-gradation to serve the patients. He said that due to limited space and lack of facilities, patients had been facing a lot of problems including limited beds, limited emergency staff and other employees of the hospital besides medical equipment.

Another patient, Arsalan Haider said that the authorities should avoid further delay in the project as it was the dire need to start work on hospital extension plan keeping in view the patients burden. He said that the incumbent government should take action against those who were intentionally delaying the hospital extension plan. He said that extension project will ensure better health facilities at hospital for patients.

When contacted, an official from the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination said that the government was planning vertical and horizontal extension of FGPC hospital in a purpose built structure. He said that additional 2.54 acres land was allocated from the adjacent Argentina Park in 2015. A PC-II for extension of the FGPC amounting to Rs47.9 million had already been approved by the Department Development Working Party (DDWP), he said.

He said that the Planning Commission had allocated Rs100 million for extension of FGPC with regard to its construction while Rs12 million for feasibility study in the last financial year 2017-18. He, however, said that the amount had been surrendered due to court case.

He said that the case was under trial in Islamabad High Court. However, Supreme Court under Suo moto had vacated the stay order by the high court in case of Argentina Park. The work on construction of the hospital will be initiated as and when funds are allocated, he added.