Turbat is a poor city. Here people live in extreme poverty. They cannot afford to buy the necessities of life, leave alone thinking of sending their kids to schools and colleges. Many a talented student are disappointed because of the lack of scholarships that can help them in completing higher education. Whenever students complete their matriculation, their parents seem unable to send them to colleges and universities where education is too expensive. They can’t afford the high costs of education. They are left with no other choice but to say goodbye to their wish of completing higher studies.

Painfully, thousands of students quit their studies due to their parents’ compulsion; but it must not continue in future. Instead, the government should provide them with scholarship opportunities so that they can see their wish of studying in colleges and universities materialise. Education is the only power to change the entire world. Pakistan needs to make education a cost-free facility for its youth. It will also help Pakistan to progress.

So the District Educational Officer needs to provide scholarship opportunity to the poor students whose parents cannot afford to send them for gaining higher in other cities. We need to stay active to support such students to protect their future.