I was born in Lucknow in 1924. My father practiced Law initially in East Africa so my first language was Kiswahili. He had to visit London frequently so we learnt English. My brother (CJ - not in Pakistan) was born in Zantzibar and my younger sister Sorrayya Hasan-Rahmatulla was born in London. Our family was from Amritsar we went to an English boarding school in India. I did my senior Cambridge 1940 and joined Government College (Lahore). In 1945 I acquired my B.Sc (Hons School) in Chemistry. In 1945 and got admitted to Case Western Reserve (USA) and got an MS in Chemical Engg. Surprisingly the undergraduate course was superior to the post graduate in some subjects! My examiners were surprised to learn that I was familiar with gamma, 1:2 cyclopenteno phenanthrene. I hope my memory don’t let me down, it is one of 508 isomers of a chemical called cholesterol! I acquired a Fellowship in Louisville (KY) and then joined Unilever in London on my way back to my new adopted country - Pakistan!

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah were great men, but only the first completed his plan and set up MAO College Aligarh. Allama Iqbal gave us the vision and Jinnah got us Pakistan. Sir Syed achieved his goal after retiring at the age 55 - he achieved success.

It is now with tears in my eyes I watch the melodrama being played out. We need never to forget that truthfulness/ transparency are necessary for the continued success of any man-made system. Technology requires a definition of depth in detail which could not be expected from a non-professional.

Examples abound around us.

My experience is basically in the private sector with five years as Secretary in the Ministry of Defence looking after defence production. As a Consultant I had introduced Pakistan Ordnance Factories to the computer in 1960s and with the assistance of University of Aston was able to create a centre at Wah to set up a system based on practicable technology. This was basically achieved through a definition of detailed road map or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The original was Admiral Rickover’s Polaris Missile Project!

Since cost of introduction of SOPs is the cheapest way of charting to define the truth. The easiest approach of the government should be to accept it. It worked over 50 years ago. It should work now. The government of Pakistan at its highest level must accept that this is inexpensive way it included consistency in work result, this is the way of proceeding forward; so far nothing else has worked for decades nor ever will given our emphasis on judicial accountability. We need to learn from the English and French - not to talk of Islam (which we ignore) of how to hold the executive accountable. It goes against the interests of several mafias - the political, the legal, the executives and others. So far we have neither achieved the Allama or Quaid-e-Azam visions - only Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s dream! The way we run democracy wah ...wah. Look at the open general house on TV of Cabinet meetings!