There’s no excuse to treat people with apathy and callousness. People ordinarily pass comments about anyone without knowing the struggles and sufferings of people. They have no idea how much it hit someone. If someone has pimples and is overweight or skinny, depressed mentally, has a dark complexion or has short height and the list goes on, no one reserve the right to mock them for their appearances. So, dear people, it’s a humble request to stay away from other people’s affairs, which is none of your business.

If someone suffers from any disease, they already know about it. There are so many so-called cools who are ready to make random comments on people without giving any thought to the acerbity of their comments. To them, it’s just a little prank, and they move on while the person they bully comes back home and cries because of it it and potentially cuts himself, tries to kill himself or feel horrible about himself. So, stop judging people by their appearance.