Education is the most important thing in building one’s personality. But nowadays there is lots of pressure to achieve good grades. Competitions between the students are getting tougher. So, it is necessary to take some steps to reduce the pressure from students.

Firstly, when children go to schools, parents expect good results from them. After they come back from schools, they are forced to join the private teaching classes. They do not get any leisure time. Similarly, due to the less number of universities, the students have to work hard to get admissions and have to go through tough competition. This also leads to massive pressure on students.

Furthermore, this is not beneficial to students at all. When the pressure of studies and competition increases, it also has an impact on the physical and mental health of the students. To reduce this pressure, parents must understand that their children also deserve leisure time. More universities should also be built to reduce competition.

In short, the pressure of studies and competition has never benefited students.