KARACHI    -   Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh for Information, Law and Anti Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab raised an objection on the joint press conference by Jehangir Tareen and federal agriculture minister here on Tuesday and said that how a disqualified person could use the government platform.  Adviser to CM added that a person convicted from the Court of law addressed and gave suggestions to the people of Sindh. He alleged that the federal government has destroyed the agriculture of the country by raising the prices of fertilizers by Rs 200 per sack which would directly impact the lives of masses. He expressed the view that Jehangir Tareen being disqualified from the Supreme Court should have given his piece of mind to the federal government to provide essential facilities to the people of Pakistan. In addition, the textile owners had gone to strike against the anti-business budget 2019-20 policies of the federal government, he added. Furthermore, he said that the federal government should take practical measures for the welfare of the masses but despite providing relief the government was continuously increasing problems for the masses. He pointed out that revenue through tax collection was decreasing day by day. It was a policy failure and bad governance that the Federal Board of Revenue could not collect 4.5 billion revenue.  He demanded the federal government should immediately pay dues of the Sindh Government. Wahab said that those who previously choked the water lines in Karachi were now announcing to block the road for protest against acute shortage of water. It was surprising to note that the MQM Pakistan was part of the federal government and not asking for the share of water for Sindh province. That showed double standard and lack of sincerity for the masses of the province especially Karachi.