LAHORE - Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has said that all eyes are on the atrocities committed against unarmed civilians in Occupied Kashmir and the brutal murder of innocent citizen Bashir Ahmed Khan and the innocence of a small child is a big question mark for the international community.

In his tweet on Thursday, Aleem Khan said that no civilized society can accept those, who paint their hands with the blood of innocent citizens and ignored all the international norms to fulfill its own nefarious designs.

He added that the killing of innocent civilians in Occupied Kashmir was a reflection of the bigoted Hindu thinking and the persecution by the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir had shaken the international conscience as well.

Aleem Khan further said that India has written a new history of terror in Islam and Kashmir enmity which even Modi government will have to endure one day or another.

He appealed to the international community and human rights organizations to take immediate notice of the situation in Occupied Kashmir and try to stop India from committing such inhumane acts.

Such measures are bringing Kashmir’s struggle for independence to a decisive turning point and despite such a long period of lockdown and killings, the morale of Kashmiris has not been lowered, Abdul Aleem Khan concluded.