NEW YORK             -          The US Democratic Party has assured Pakistani-American community activists that the party’s presidential nominee, Joe Biden, if elected, would contribute in promoting equitable solutions to the outstanding issues of Kashmir and Palestine as well as the growing discrimination against Muslims in India.

The assurance was given by Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, in a virtual meeting arranged by the American-Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) with the Biden presidential campaign.  Biden, a former vice president, will face President Donald Trump in the November elections. So far, he is leading Trump in all polls.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, APPAC’s chairman, welcomed Perez at the start of the Zoom meeting, promising to work closely with him as he highlighted the problems facing Pakistani-Americans and the issues that are uppermost in their mind.

Perez thanked him for the offer of cooperation with the Biden campaign, saying the former president knows very well the dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and would seek it’s resolution.

He said Biden believes in a “big table” and would give the country’s minorities adequate representation going forward. Perez, who sharply criticized the policies and actions of President Trump, especially towards Muslims, said Biden stands for “diversity”.

Other community leaders also interacted with Perez during the virtual meeting on wide-ranging issues, especially some of the laws that affect them.

During the meeting, a total of $250,000 was raised for Biden’s electoral campaign.