LAHORE - Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Narendara Modi has left Hitler behind in atrocities.

Silence of the UN and OIC is also not less than injustice. Kashmir is also a jugular vein of Pakistan even today. We are standing by people of Kashmir.

This was stated by Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, while, talking to a delegation led by MPA Sardar Mahinder Pal Singh at the Governor House Lahore on Thursday.

Governor Punjab said that Indian security institutions are committing the worst atrocities against people of Kashmir.

He also added, India has imposed the longest curfew of human history which has reached 332 days.

He also appraised courage of Kashmiri populace, who are valiantly challenging the Indian security forces with slogans and stones.

People of Kashmir have not let the candle of freedom extinguished.

He advised Modi to stop atrocities and violence because it will ultimately lead towards dismemberment of India like Soviet Union.

He urged the United Nations to take notice of the killing of Kashmiri people and act under chapter seven of the United Nations Charter.

He appraised the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan for highlighting the case of the people of Kashmir.

We are standing by people of Kashmir until they get independence, Sarwar vowed. We will not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the people of Kashmir, he added.

Governor Punjab said that it is the worst injustice in the world that Kashmir has seen at least 229 killings during more than 100 military operations since January.

He condemned the crackdown against the media and said that the media continued to be at the receiving end of pressure, intimidation and harassment by authorities, with several incidents involving the beating of journalists.

He added India is paving the way for demographic change in occupied Kashmir on a large scale, thus institutionalising a system of domination over indigenous populations.

“The order is a clear violation of the 4th Geneva Convention,” he noted.