Since the year 2018, consistent efforts of Pakistani company Mountainise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), have helped bring about revolutionary AI solutions for the global MarTech industry in the shape of Lucrative AI.

Lucrative is crafted to resolve critical marketing problems for those looking to hold back scaling any business, i.e. spending significant amount of money without being sure where to shift the focus. It provides solutions for those looking to gain more ROAS (return on advertising spend) and marketing vs sales influenced efforts on ROI (return on investment).

Amidst the huge noise created by overwhelming data from several sources, it is hard to make meaningful decisions. However, Lucrative AI has delivered success to many clients in health, technology, retail, entertainment and e-commerce industries.

“Lucrative is not a one-size-fits-all. It has been developed by dozen of minds after evaluating 16 months of analyses of 100 different clients,” says Muhammad Jalil, the Founder of Lucrative and Mountainise.

“The thorough analysis has helped us better understand the fast evolving challenges for marketing and advertising. Hence, you can expect a tailored experience, like the product was designed specifically for you,” he adds.

The global tech industry has also recognised the efforts of Mountainise with two investment grants from Google and for Lucrative. Based on exponential revenue and growth, Mountainise has already pledged over half a million dollars to increase operations. 

There are also plan to expand operations in Wisconsin, USA and a new office in Islamabad Pakistan.

When Muhammad Jalil was asked about the topic focus for the next 12 months at a recent conference, he narrowed them down to five points:

  • Growth of revenues and sales team
  • Adding a tech co-founder 
  • Empowering the remote working environment 
  • Finding the right investors
  • Enhancing the US Entertainment Industry by introducing a new project that will compete directly with Netflix, Apple TV, and other giants of the domain.

This could be an opportunity for technical entrepreneurs to join the team or for investors to back a firm with proven record in consistent growth through futuristic products.