MITHI - During pre-monsoon rains in different villages of Tharparkar, thunder bolts claimed three lives while six members of a family sustained injuries. Around 300 animals including cows, goats and sheep also perished due to lightning.

According to details 25 years old Kewal Kolhi of village Pabbopal, 45 years old Safooran wife of Muhammad Bux Lund of village Rahib Veri and 13 year old Dileep son of Bhopo Thakur of village Veri Dandal lost their lives due to lightning.

Thunder bolts also struck a house in Deeplou leaving 6 persons- including Amrat, Bhimro, Kewal Meghwar, two minor children and a women- injured who were shifted to tahsil hospital Deeplou. Pre Monsoon thunder showers brought jubilation to water scared south-eastern desert district of Sindh while increasing incidents of lightning observed during previous two years also created panic among the local residents. Previous year lightning incidents took 30 human lives while residents had to suffer heavy losses in shape of hundreds of their raised animals, straw houses and other valuable items perished by thunder bolts.

Over 280 goats, 9 sheep and 5 cows also perished as they were hit by lightning in villages Kana Veeru, Rahib Veri, Noory je Wand, Kounral, Kharak and Denyo.