LAHORE          -        Volka Foods International has been manufacturing bakery and confectionery goods under international standards of quality and hygiene to provide its customers with premium products like Boom Boom Bubble Gum & Tea Time cookies since last 10 years. They have their own unique identity and have been providing their consumers the best taste of confectionary and bakery products. Recently, we witnessed a small corporate feud where some industries filed a petition with the Competition Commission of Pakistan under Section 10 of the Competition Act against Volka Food International (Pvt) Ltd. and has accused Volka Food International (Pvt) Ltd. of using their registered trademarks and packaging/labelling. Both being such powerhouses in the corporate world, we decided to look further into the claim. In our opinion, it seems unlikely a company of Volka Food International (Pvt) Ltd.’s stature would undermine its own product and use the competitions’ packaging. Corporate culture is a harsh reality where acts of damaging a rival’s reputation are not uncommon.