KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh Thursday asked Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to take notice of the sufferings of the people of Sindh especially Larkana.

Addressing a press conference here, flanked by PTI leader and Sindh Baitul Mal president Hunaid Lakhani, Saifullah Abro, Jam Farooq Ahmed, Agha Arslan Ahmed and others, he said Bilawal should focus on Sindh, especially Larkana.  Haleem said people of Sindh were facing water shortage and many children had died in Thar due to hunger and diseases.

Sindh irrigation department was a glaring example of corruption and mismanagement of the PPP government, he said adding, “We will not give withholding tax to Sindh.” He asked to read articles 77, 141 and 142.

Haleem Adil said the Parliament could amend the law and under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, provinces were bound to collect the tax and give it to the federal government.

He said provinces could not refuse tax collection on behalf of the federation. He said the people were saying they would not collect tax for 22 crore Pakistanis.

Haleem Adil said those people had not given Rs6 billion as they had registered 500 vehicles but devoured the tax. He said one should indulge in politics but refrain from violating the Constitution.

He further said those people wanted a National Reconciliation Ordinance. Haleem said those people had destroyed Karachi.

He said rulers of Sindh were corrupt and inept. He asked Bilawal not to give sermons when they were not sincere with Sindh. He said in the spell of delivering sermons, they sometimes say things that may evoke Article 6, adding but he would not call them traitor. He said, “We are the guardians of constitution and they have a selective approach towards the constitution.”

He said Bilawal had become active and he was talking about health allowance, but he was not seeing that nurses were on streets. He said legal team was thinking about what was being happening in Sindh. Haleem said these people had destroyed Karachi. They were not ready to make public JIT report on Uzair Baloch. He said Nafeesa Shah was trying to get hushed up the matters regarding PIA. He said Nafeesa Shah was a fake employee herself. She got cheques of Rs1.7million and left, adding she would be made accountable.

Haleem Adil said even today people were crossing canals in Sindh on dangerous planks and logs. “They are talking about ‘minus-one’, but Imran Khan is the ‘only one’.”

He said the probe into pilots issue was underway. Haleem said for the first time reports were made public. He said licence of PALPA vice president was also fake, adding these people were recruited on the basis of nepotism.

He said they were talking about minus-one formula, but Imran Khan was the only one who was an honest leader. PPP was now a party of just four divisions, he said adding corruption of Rs270 billion was made in Sindh and in 2015 they did corruption of Rs3,200 billion, in 2017-18, they did corruption of Rs1,500 billion, but the auditor general Sindh did not issue this report.

He said the federal government did not receive revenue of Rs500 billion. He further said license of PALPA vice president was also fake.

Sindh Baitul Mal chief Hunaid Lakhani said his secretariat was doing many welfare activities. He said, “We will fight for the rights of people. Workers of PTI are serving common people.” He said time had come to take action against the Karachi Electric.

Hunaid said K-4 project was a must to mitigate the water shortage. He said the PPP was involved in selling of water. He said there was even shortage of oxygen and ventilators.

MPA Shahnawaz Jadon and Jam Farooq Ahmed also spoke on the occasion.

MPA Shahnawaz Jadon requested the federal government to take action against the KE. He asked the government to take control of KE. He said we have to take to streets against the KE.

However, Saifullah Abro said that he is working for the party in Larkana from 2005 and the PPP is not happy. He said Bilawal is not happy and BB was also not happy with him. He said his brother fought election for MPA and got 5000 votes. He said in 2013, he got 10,000 votes. He demanded audit of health and education funds. He said audit of a hospital and Liaquat University should be conducted.

Jam Farooq Ahmed said every district of Sindh was made Mohenjo Daro. He said their ancestors had laid great sacrifices for this country and they will foil conspiracies against it. He said government of the PPP was the most corrupt government in Pakistan history.