Pakistan is fighting a battle for its survival in Swat and other troubled areas infested by the militants and extremists. The ongoing battle in the troubled areas is in fact against masked enemies hostile and inimical to the very existence of a Muslim country which has just celebrated another anniversary of its becoming the first nuclear power of the Ummah. Those who had taken up arms to establish their control over Pakistani areas cannot be in any manner Pakistanis. The whole mystery about identity and suspected nationality lies in the masks they keep wearing all the time. Why don't they want to show their faces if they are serving the cause of Islam? They are wearing the masks only to hide their true identity and pose themselves as the Muslims who are fighting against "kafirs". They are neither Muslims nor Pakistanis and it is high time that they are unmasked and their true faces shown to the people in Pakistan as well as the whole world. India, which has never accepted creation of Pakistan, is very much active in playing a sinister game. And it is fully being backed by the USA. Both Pakistan and the USA are geographically located thousands of miles from each other but still the Washington is showing keen interest as well as deep concern about the safety of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Israel and Afghanistan are the other two partners of the USA and India who are behind the ongoing insurgencies in different parts of Pakistan one way or the other. And without knowing who are our friends and who are enemies, the people by and large are playing into their hands and thus directly and indirectly causing immense loss to the security and sovereignty of Pakistan. Cutting the long story short, the Talibans, the Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Mullah Umar and their followers are nothing but the American Agents in the garb of the Muslims and their intentions as such cannot be favourable to Pakistan and its people and even for Islam. What service they have rendered over the years to Islam? The enacted 9/11 drama provided a lame excuse to the USA to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Pakistan is being weakened internally and externally in the so- called War On Terror and the rulers in Islamabad are playing into their hands in complete disregard of the national interest. Slogan of Pakistan first and foremost is all the more becoming relevant under the prevailing disturbed circumstances when we are confronting with the hostile forces inimical to our existence. Be true, dedicated, patriotic and committed Pakistanis first and last and keep seeking blessings of Almighty Allah if you want to survive as a free, united, integrated, strong and progressive Islamic Republic of Pakistan.