The present bouts of 12 to 16 hours of loadshedding in our urban and rural areas spells disaster for industry and agriculture alike. While some movement has started on Bhasha dam with Chinese collaboration, it would have been better to start work in tandem on Kalabagh dam too to generate cheap power and enhance our water storage capacity. It is well known that water flow on Indus at the Bhasha site is only 45 MAF while at Kalabagh site it is 90 MAF due to confluence of Kabul River and Soan River and rainfall below Tarbela. This would result in storage of about 15 MAF while still over 20 MAF water would flow down to sea below Kotri. Only 10 MAF is required to take care of environmental concerns and sea intrusion inland. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, May 23.