PESHAWAR - Some unknown armed persons wearing commando uniforms killed one worker and kidnapped eight others from Bilour Matches Factory, Hayatabad, in the wee hour of Tuesday. According to sources, armed persons in three vehicles entered Bilour Matches Factory, located in Hayatabad Industrial Estate, and began harassing the workers there, the sources said. They said that the armed men also killed a worker namely Adnan upon resistance. The armed persons also kidnapped eight workers from the site and shifted them to an unknown location, the sources added. When Hayatabad Police officials were contacted, they said that the armed persons after killing Adnan fled from scene and the persons, believed to have been kidnapped, escaped due to fear and panic. AFP adds: Police official Abdul Ghafoor Afridi said while quoting factory official Sharif Khan as telling that the attackers shot dead a guard, then bundled eight workers into their vehicles and fled from the site. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the factorys chief executive Ghazanfar Bilour said he believed it was an insurgent attack. This could be the work of Taliban militants, he told AFP. The factory is owned by the family of Senior Provincial Minister, NWFP, Bashir Ahmed Bilour, the ANP lawmaker who has survived two assassination attempts in Peshawar this year.