LAHORE -It will take more than two months for the rehabilitation of the plane that made crash landing at the Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) few days back and it will cost equal to the price of a new aircraft, sources in the airline said. Aviation experts are of the view that had the runways adjacent area (strip) been compacted and levelled properly the plane would not have met with such fate. They informed that the plane did not touch the runway as per prescribed standard (right from beginning) rather it touched the runway at 3,600 feet ahead and right after running 1,000 feet on runway it diverted to its left. Then the plane ATR struck in crater about six to seven feet deep situated at the left side of the runway in strip area where the landing gears of the plane collapsed. The plane did not stop there and moved forward in speed and crossed the secondary runway and again entered into another runway strip where its nose touched the land. Sources in the CAA claimed that other adjacent area of the runway at AIIAP was also not levelled or compacted properly as per international requirements. Moreover, the muddy strip has developed a number of ditches some of them full with water, which is a source of attraction for birds that is highly dangerous. They said former Director General CAA, Farooq Rehmat Ullah had initiated a programme of plantation of Bougainvillea, an ornamental shrubby climbing plant in 2008. This project cost Rs 48.5 millions for the airports of Karachi and Lahore, which was questioned in the Senate and CAA responded that it was spending the said amount on the levelling and compacting of the runway with Bougainvillea plantation. A CAA expert seeking anonymity claimed that despite so much spending the strip is yet uneven. The same sources claimed that the doing plantation too was a dangerous stuff for its attraction for birds and animals. He claimed that management of CAA at AIIAP also raised objection over the plantation of such plants but CAA Headquarter responded in a very humiliating way saying that why Lahore was disturbed by this plantation campaign when Karachi and Islamabad had no objection. An incident almost similar to the recent one took place in the year 2000 at AIIAP when a Foker Aircraft was detracted. Rescue workers of the PIA from engineering department have arrived from Karachi and are busy in repair and rescue work of the plane. They are of the view that it will take more than two months to make the plane operational. An engineer said that plane parked or stationed would cause loss to the airline on minute-by minute basis.