Our army is engaged with its full might in crushing our own people. These people are not the enemy of Pakistan but the enemy of a foreign invading power. None of them was a suicide bomber before the incident of the September 11 nor were they the kind of extremists who would challenge the writ of the state. It was the presence of American forces in Afghanistan and free hand given by the dictator General Musharraf to the Americans that stirred hatred and created resistance against the foreign army. Everything was going well in order before the American attack on Afghanistan. We have to keep in mind that in difficult circumstances, these people had also assisted our regular army. We are committing a great blunder by killing these very same people by declaring them terrorists and extremists just to make our foreign masters happy. It is all propaganda that there are any foreign militants hiding out in this region and that they might destabilise Pakistan. -TAHIR MEHMOOD PUNWAR, Lahore, via e-mail, May 23.