Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan I would first like to congratulate you on your return to your rightful place. You have reached a milestone in the path towards establishing the rule of law in this country. My family and I used to live in Dhaka prior to 1971. We were one of the leading business families of Dhaka in 1971. Before the crisis in East Pakistan, I sent my family back to West Pakistan and stayed back with my brother, (late) Ehsan Karim to liquidate our assets as soon as possible so that we could leave Dhaka. Ehsan had a cordial relationship with Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman. So he was arrested by the Pakistan army and was per force made to act as a witness. The military, in return, promised to compensate us for any material loss we may have had in the crisis. When Bangladesh was declared an independent country, I was taken in as a prisoner of war. I lived in an Indian camp for almost two years and moved to Lahore after being released. It has been 38 years since then. I have written to almost every President and Prime Minister since then, from Mr Bhutto to Mr Musharraf, in order to claim compensation for our properties. None took any sort of action regarding our case. Being one of the major industrialists and landowners of the former East Pakistan, we dutifully paid our taxes and believed in an incorruptible and just Pakistan. I, therefore, seek your help, not just for my family but also for every individual or family that were economically well set in East Pakistan at the time and are now in a state of poverty. We sacrificed everything we had for this country and yet, have not been considered worthy of justice. I humbly request you to take notice of this important issue. -ABDUL JABBAR, Lahore, June 2.