In an effort to defuse the current tensions between Israel and many countries around the world, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon late Wednesday issued an urgent appeal to prevent another violent incident off the Gaza Strip coast. The UN chief's remarks came amid confirmation by the Free Gaza Movement that another ship was headed to Gaza within two weeks - the Irish cargo ship MV Rachel Corrie - to break Israel's blockade, which, he said, should be lifted. On board are former UN assistant secretary general Denis Halliday and Irish Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire, a Free Gaza spokesperson told international wire services. On his return from a foreign trip on Wednesday, the secretary-general met with the ambassadors of Israel, Turkey, the Arab countries and the Security Council's five permanent members - the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain - to discuss the way forward following the deadly Israeli raid of a relief ship on Monday which left at least nine people dead. Ban noted that the UN Security Council had condemned the incident and the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva had authorized an investigation. "In view of these decisions, I am consulting about the way forward with the concerned parties, including the Security Council," Ban told reporters. "The Israeli authorities must provide, as soon as possible, a full and detailed accounting of the events surrounding the incident, including information on the detained, wounded and killed," Ban said. "I am relieved to learn that most of the detainees and injured are returning home today (Wednesday)," he said. "Everything must be done to prevent another incident of this kind," he said. "All concerned should act with a sense of care and responsibility, and in accordance with international law. "At this sensitive time, it is essential to avoid provocations. The UN has raised its concerns about this with international partners and the Israeli authorities." He told reporters he needs to discuss further with UN members about ways to launch the investigation. Mexican Ambassador Claude Heller, president of the 15-nation council, said earlier that the body expected the secretary-general to take up the investigation. Ban himself had called for the investigation immediately after Israeli commandos boarded one of the six ships in international waters carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza. The 15-nation council issued a statement early Tuesday, condemning the violence and calling for an investigation that is "prompt, impartial, credible and transparent." But the United States' envoy, Alejandro Wolff, said he understood that the investigation should be carried out by Israel. "Many governments said there is a need for an investigation and the council expects the secretary general to undertake it," Heller, the council president, told reporters, admitting that there may be some ambiguity in the council statement. Israel must provide a full and detained accounting of the events around the military operation, he said, adding that he was relieved to learn that most of the detainees are now returning to their home countries. He stressed that the incident highlights a serious underlying problem that Israels closure of the Gaza Strip is counterproductive, unsustainable and wrong and should be lifted immediately. Asked about reports that another convoy of ships is heading towards Gaza, Mr. Ban urged all parties to act with caution and responsibility to avoid a repeat of Mondays incident. The aid convoy that was intercepted by Israel was said to have been carrying educational, medical and construction materials, as well as hundreds of activists from different countries, to Gaza, where the blockade has caused ongoing suffering for 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants. The UN has repeatedly spoken out against the closure of Gaza and raised concerns over the insufficient flow of material into the area to meet basic needs and spur reconstruction.