MULTAN - The All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) has announced that the government workers will reach Islamabad on Thursday (today) and encircle National Assembly (building). The threat was hurled by APCA leaders during a protest rally organised by APCA Nishtar Hospital unit here on Wednesday. The rally started from hospital and clerks marched up to Nishtar Road. Holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands, the marchers carried out non-stop sloganeering against government. Speaking on this occasion, APCA leaders said that frequent increase in the prices of electricity, gas, petrol and other commodities made it impossible for the poor working class to make both the ends together. They said that the rates of daily use items had registered many hundred times increase during the last one year but the salaries stood the same. They said that the govt workers were faced with serious financial problems and many of them were considering committing suicides. They demanded of the government to announce 200 percent increase in salaries, check price-hike and end contract policy, otherwise, APCA would continue its protest.