LAHORE - JI Chief, Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the country is heading for a revolution, as the constitution has become redundant and the institutions have collapsed. He expressed these views while addressing members of different standing committees set up by the JI central Shoora at Mansoora on Wednesday. He said that change through ballot was impossible in the prevailing conditions when one has to be a 'cheat and a thief to win the elections, as people like Jamshed Dasti could only win the polls. Munawar said that the JI was both a democratic and a revolutionary party and believe in a peaceful revolution. We dont believe in violence as movements taking to violence meet their own fate he said. He said the secular lobby in the country including a section of the media was making every effort to provoke the Islam lovers. The Islamic symbols were being ridiculed and this lobby had the backing of the government and the sectarian forces, he said. JI Chief condemned as provocative the Interior Minister Rehman Maliks statement after the Lahore killings that the culprit taken in custody was speaking in Punjabi, therefore, an operation in the South Punjab had become inevitable. He said that Muslim extremism was not born out of any ideology, instead it was the product of the circumstances. He said that all terrorist activities on the earth were conveniently attributed to the Muslims and none of the Hindus, Jews or Christians was blamed for that. He pointed out that only a couple of days back, Israel attacked the Freedom Flotilla on the high seas, killing twenty people and injuring more than 60 others. Despite all that, the US declined to condemn such a big terrorist activity and even used its influence to drop Israels name from the blame list, which clearly showed that the US was fully supporting Israel. 'Q' shouts at 'N' Provincial ministers are gossiping about the corrupt practices in the Punjab Government but the same to protect their ministries and could not speak publicly, claims Shahana Farooqi, president PML-Q (women wing) Punjab. Talking to delegations of partys women wing on Wednesday, she claimed that no person could get his job done without greasing the palms of the concerned officials, while no police station register FIR without getting its registration fee and permission of the PML-N position holders. PML-Q leader said that Auditor Generals report recently exposed financial corruption in Sasti Roti Scheme and Food Stamp Programme and an embezzlement of Rs 30 billion in the shape of subsidy.