For Israel, there is no law in the world but the Israeli law, no legitimacy of anything except the legitimacy of its own view and no truth except their own version of it. Despite the widespread shock, pain and anger felt all across the world on Israels bloody 'pirate action against the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, the Jewish state has brushed aside all condemnation and criticism. It is unrepentant about even the killings it has done by the scores. And this shameless, cruel state terrorism of Israel is fully backed by the US. The Israeli officials are justifying the massacre on the aid flotilla with allegations that the Israeli elite commando force was attacked with sticks and knives and even fired upon. They insist those killed on board were not peace activists or aid workers but sympathizers of Hamas, and hence, supporters of terrorism. No one could have imagined that a cold-blooded massacre of this scale was in store for the unarmed civilian opponents of the Gaza siege when they embarked on a mission of peace. That the activists of peace from dozens of countries of the world could be gunned down while the entire world was watching was unthinkable. If a Muslim country had acted with comparable savagery, the US would have acted with lightening swiftness to impose sanctions. But the Washington and its allies are doing nothing much except offering lame excuses on this which no idiot would likely accept as plausible. How long can the Muslim world tolerate such acts with this kind of criminal silence? -HAQ NAWAZ KAMBOH, Lala Musa, June 2.