KARACHI - The country requires $600 to $700 million investment to acquire the Liquefied Natural Gas facility. According to the official magazine of SSGC for the month of May 2010 the country can acquire LNG at very competitive rates provided it works on fast track basis to establish LNG unloading, storage and re-gasification facility. The magazine says that the LNG receiving facility is capital intensive and in present condition will require investment of $ 600 to 700m. On the other hand the global natural gas demand is expected to rise to 4.3 TCM in 2030 from the current demand of 3.0 TCM. More than 80pc of this increase will take place in countries outside OECD, in developing nations including Middle East, China, India, Africa, and mostly in their power sector. Global gas reserves are huge enough to meet the conceivable demand through 2030. The global recoverable gas reserves are 850 TCM. US natural gas market is the largest in the world and has expanded significantly since the mid-1980s. Pakistan also has large potential to develop shale/tight gas. Recoverable reserves of this gas are estimated at 20 TCF. However a new protocol will need to be developed to provide investment incentive to gas producing companies.