KARACHI Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) said on Wednesday about 170 small boats were still out of contact in three different districts due to lack of communication system as Phet cyclone in the Arabian Sea has intensified and would make landing at Pakistans coastline after 24 hours. According to PFF spokesperson Sami Memon, the forum received information from different sources that the fishermen had been trapped while fishing in the open sea in the marine territories of districts of Karachi, Thatta and Badin. It is said at least 170 fishing boats have gone out of contact because they are not equipped with communication system and majority of them are small boats, he added. He criticised the governments failure to take tangible measures to help people and avert losses. He said the government did not learn from the past experiences as the country had suffered huge loss of life while thousands others were displaced in May 1999 Cyclone 02A. He said the PFF activists in Thatta and Badin districts had only received telephone calls from the district coordination officers concerned, simply directing them to send messages to the people. Otherwise, they received no instructions as to how to save the people residing in scattered islands, in any emergency, he lamented over the situation. At Karachi Hawks Bay area, the people have managed to protect their small boats to minimise their loss, as they fear speedy winds and storm may cause damage to their boats. The PFF spokesman said the frightened coastal community was helpless and in dire need of help. Online adds: The cyclone Phet in the Arabian Sea would make landing at Pakistans coastline after 24 hours, as it is likely to force its entry into Sindh coastal areas between Friday and Saturday night. According to Met Department, the cyclone is assuming more fury 950 kilometres to southwest of Karachi. The Met Department said the cyclone is advancing at a pace of 6 nautical miles and may turn towards Pakistan after crashing into Oman. The fierce storm could unleash heavy downpours coupled with gale-force winds in coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan. Chief Meteorologist Arif Mehmood while talking to a private TV channel informed that the cyclone could cause torrential rain in coastal areas of the country including Thatta, Badin, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar and Karachi on Friday and Saturday. He said that the cyclone is approximately over 900 kilometres away from Karachi shore, adding that if the cyclone moves towards coastal areas of Pakistan, it could cause torrential rains as it happened in Indian Gujarat.