LAHORE - With the substantial rise in temperature the electricity shortfall has reached to 3266 MW, officials said on Wednesday. The rise in mercury has enhanced the demand of power supply to 15567 MW while the production is only 12301 MW due to reduction in power supply from IPPs and Hydel power plants. According to PEPCO spokesman due to increase in power demand the duration of load shedding was 7 hours in urban areas while 10-12 hours in villages. However PEPCO consumers claimed that duration of load shedding was 10 hours in the provincial capital for domestic consumers and 14-16 hours in villages of Southern Punjab due to which the people had to face much hardship. PEPCO officials said that due to rise in water level in Mangla and Tarbela dam the production of electricity has reached upto 4662-MW while from other sources of power production such as the Thermal Power Plants is producing 2,388 MW, IPPs 5,135 MW and Rental Power Plants 116 MW.