LAHORE - The Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly against the hosting of blasphemous material on American website Facebook and submit its report in court about steps taken in regard on June 15. Although the Government of Pakistan has taken some efficient and effective measures by lodging a protest with the United States over the posting of blasphemous cartoons on Facebook but considering the sensitiveness of the matter the Court objectively reserves apprehensions regarding a lack of effective mechanisms which could ensure avoidance any such events occurring in future, the LHC observed in its detailed order issued on Wednesday petition regarding profane material put against on Holy Prophet (PBUH) on site. Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry court ordered Ministry of Foreign Affairs to direct Pakistans Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations to present a resolution Facebook issue in context of a United Nations earlier resolution namely Combating Defamation of Religion passed on November 20, 2007 in UN general assembly by majority votes on initiative of Muslim countries of OIC including Pakistan. The court gave this order on the petitions of Islamic Lawyers Movement and Muhammad Azhar siddique seeking action against Facebook, a social networking website, for holding a competition of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) despite protests by Muslims across the World The court ordered Foreign Ministry to comply with these directions in letter and spirit and also submit a written and official copy of this direction given to Pakistans Permanent Ambassador in UN so that he may start working on the resolution. In case of non-compliance of these directions of the court by the foreign ministry and Pakistans Permanent Ambassador at UNO till next date of hearing the Minister of Foreign Affairs has to appear in this court in person to explain why he has not complied with the direction of this court exactly in letter and spirit, the judge made it clear. Profane material on Facebook had deeply hurt and emotionally injured individual and collective sentiments of hundreds of millions of Muslims not just living in geographical territory of Pakistan, the order said. The court also ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) and other related authorities to come up with effective monitoring control and implementation guidelines regarding access towards such blasphemous contents over Internet. The PTA, MoIT may borrow required systems, regulations, and guidelines from the telecommunication and internet regulatory authorities of Muslims countries of Middle East and Asia which keep a check such anti- religion material on Internet in their countries, the court advised. The court also mentioned in its order the details of the replies submitted by ministry of foreign affairs and the PTA in which it was assured that Facebook will not repeat the mistake of putting any blasphemous material on site. The LHC on Monday last had lifted the ban on American social networking website Facebook in Pakistan on assurance of Foreign Ministry and PTA that no blasphemous caricatures of Prophet (PBUH) will be put on the website in future. The court will again take up the matter on June 15. It was said that Facebook owners assured Richard Holbrooke that such a thing will not be repeated in future and no blasphemous material would be available to Pakistani visitors on the website. On May 19, the court had temporarily banned the social networking website till May 31 across the country on a petition filed by Islamic Lawyers Movement. Azhar Siddique Advocate filed a petition seeking registration of FIR against the owners of facebook and he included UNO and OIC in the respondents list, vowing to take the matter to UNO.