LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that no strategy can succeed in dealing with the menace of terrorism without joint struggle of the entire nation. He said that those issuing controversial statements in this regard are weakening the campaign against terrorism. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said that Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has tried to provoke provincialism by talking about Punjabi Taliban at a time when unity is needed to cope with the internal and external threats. He said through this statement Rehman Malik has, in fact, conspired to trigger clash among the provinces. He said that the general impression is that the Federal Minister is speaking someone elses language and is engaged in this dangerous game on the behest of his political patron. He said criticism on Punjab is just like rubbing salt into wounds of police and the people of Punjab who have rendered numerous sacrifices and martyrdoms in the war against terrorism. Shahbaz said terrorists have no language, no province and no religion, that is why, no one in Pakistan ever talked about Pashtu Taliban, Sindhi Taliban or Baloch Taliban. He said 'Punjabi Taliban is a strange term for the people. He said PML-N fought out sectarian terrorists and dealt a blow to them in its previous tenure and in the present situation the Punjab government is fighting terrorists with the same spirit. He said it is the Punjab government which decided to benefit from the experiences of Islamic countries to improve its performance and capability for combating terrorism and is implementing these measures. He said Rehman Malik has attempted to provoke clashes among the people of Pakistan through his statement which should be condemned at every level. Meanwhile, Shahbaz Sharif while presided over a high-level meeting at CM Secretariat to review the law and order situation Wednesday questioned absence of foolproof arrangements at Jinnah Hospital where terrorist arrested on Friday last was under medical treatment. The terrorists hit on the Jinnah Hospital (on Monday night), the CM said, has left many questions on the security arrangements made at the hospital. The CM asked every department entrusted with the duty to protect life and property of the public, to be completely vigilant, circumspect and active as at this point of time, no lethargy and negligence is affordable. Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Inspector General of Police, Home Secretary, Health Secretary, Commissioner Lahore and others attended the meeting. The CM said the present situation in Pakistan calls for national unity to foil the nefarious designs of anti-state elements and eliminate extremism and terrorism from the country. He said the nation could not afford negligence and carelessness in the present situation. He said all the departments should be vigilant and maintain high standard of security to combat terrorism and protect the lives and property of the people. The CM said police have been provided all possible facilities and have been equipped with modern weapons. While enquiring why foolproof security arrangements were not made for the injured terrorist at Jinnah Hospital, he commented that the terrorist incident in Jinnah Hospital leaves a question mark on the performance of police, administration and agencies.