QUETTA Mother of Zakir Majeed, a young Baloch student leader who was picked up allegedly by secret agencies on June 8, 2009, has appealed to human rights organisations, media personnel, democracy loving-people and judiciary to help in securing safe release of her son. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, she said that the only crime of her son was his brightness and being vocal while he stood for Baloch rights. She said that the Constitution of the country guaranteed the right of freedom of expression and his son had been using this right over the injustices being done to Baloch people. She said that if the right to express his opinion was regarded as a crime by the law-enforcing agencies then Zakir Majeed should be tried in any court of law rather than being kept in torture cell illegally. She said that disappearance of Zakir Majeed for more than one year was causing mental distress to the family and ,added, that his (Zakir Majeeds) life was also under serious threat in torture cells. 'Our family is under constant pain and psychological pressure because of illegal detention of my son, she added. She made an appeal to UN, European Union, International and humans rights organisations and media to exert pressure on Pakistani govt and establishment to release her son including scores of other Baloch youth.