One needs to watch out for a junk mail circulating on the web calling upon people to donate directly to one 'Balwaristan Front for Hunza lake affectees. The RAW-funded South Asian Analysis Group website was the first to reveal that the intelligence agency had formed an organization of disgruntled people from Northern Areas, Gilgit and Baltistan on the pattern of Balochistan Liberation Army whose members are taken across the border to be given training before they are sent back to the area for fulfilling the sinister designs of our adversary. Why was the Hunza lake not breached when the water was at very low level here and it could not possibly have caused any havoc in the area? The question needs to be investigated thoroughly because a conspiracy seems afoot to cut off the Karakoram Highway and isolate our Northern Areas. That would provide a chance to anti-Pakistan elements to take advantage of the situation. Why the water level at the artificial lake at Hunza River was left unchecked is a mystery too. Its constant rise and outflow from above 400 feet level was never breached at the lower level. Somebody wants to foment unrest in the area and if successful, would damage Pakistans China linkage, making us more vulnerable to any foreign intervention. -PROF DANISH FIKRI, Swat, May 30.