ISLAMABAD Despite the Interior Ministrys repeated tall claims of having cleared the country of unregistered diplomats and foreigners especially of US origin, the still ongoing overt and covert activities of US diplomats in Islamabad themselves are posing direct threat to the security of the US main ally in the war on terror. This fact came to the fore Wednesday night when two US diplomats - one of them having expired Visa - hit the vehicle of Dr Tabish, the husband of Editor TheNation Dr Shireen Mazari, on Margalla Road, Sector F-7, and made a failed attempt to run away from the scene. According to details, the incident took place near Rana Market when Dr Tabish was on his way back to home. His car (NZ ICT 186) was hit by American diplomats who, after hitting the vehicle, tried to run away from the scene in their jeep under the cover of what they claimed their SOP in case of an accident. However, due to timely action of Islamabad Traffic Police, they were intercepted a few meters away from the place of incident. Harvey Craig Louis having passport number 8200635 was driving the jeep. ASP City Haroon Joya and Acting SHO rushed to the spot and informed the diplomats that they would have to go to police station, otherwise their vehicle would be shifted to the police station by a fork lifter. Later, both the diplomats, who were not even rolling down the windowpanes of their jeep (ICT FX 051), were brought to Kohsar Police Station. It is relevant to note here that a number of touts tried their level best to save the skin of Americans and even two including Tamoor Pirzada rushed to the spot but the Islamabad police refused entertain him. The other diplomat was identified as Robbins Jason Boone. According to police sources, the visa of Harvey Craig Louis, issued on May 4, 2009 was expired on May 3, 2010 but he is still wandering in Islamabad. He has neither intimated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior about the expiry of his visa nor has got any extension letter from the authorities concerned. On the complaint of Dr Tabish, an FIR, U/S 279/427, under section 279/427, was registered against the diplomats. The Ministry of Interior is being intimated of misconduct for onward intimation to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for proceeding as per the Vienna Convention. It is to be mentioned here that in recent months TheNation has published a number news reports about the presence of Blackwater personnel especially in Islamabad and US diplomats mysterious activities. However, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had rejected these reports. Media circles have termed this incident as a warning to TheNations Editor Shireem Mazari who through her writings is regularly exposing the dubious activities of Blackwaters personnel and US diplomats.