ISLAMABAD - To the utter shock and surprise of the entire nation, the officials of the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad have been found indulged in teasing Pakistani visa seekers, including veteran businessmen by using dillydallying tactics to process their applications. Dark side of the story unfolds with the revelation that the mighty officials of the Afghan Embassy have remained indulged in humiliating the nationals of the country (Pakistan), which has been supporting and guarding millions of Afghans for over last three decades. According to the information retrieved, these Afghan mighty men have been found making fun of the citizens of the country, which opened its borders and welcomed millions of their Afghan brethren, while putting its own economy and security at stake. It is pertinent to mention here that the exploitation of the Pakistani visa seekers at the hands of Afghan Embassy officials is not new. In the past too, the former Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, Anwar Anwari, taking cognisance of the complaints of the visa seekers, had dismissed a former official of the Embassy named Zaki, who behaved badly with the people. As a matter of fact, contrary to its designated job of facilitating the visa seekers, the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad has become a permanent source of nuisance for the people who intend to visit Afghanistan. This correspondent himself witnessed careless and dillydallying attitude of the officials at visa section on Wednesday and found them rudely behaving with the applicants. Muhammad Amin, a visitor and resident of Chakwal, talking to this scribe, said that he was a businessman and intended to visit Kabul. I am waiting for my turn for about an hour outside the embassy in the queue under the sweltering heat. No one has entertained my application yet. The embassy officials are very harsh in their behaviour, he complained. He maintained that the Embassy timing was from 9:00 A.M to 12:00 A.M, but the officials used to entertain visa applications after 11:00 A.M. only. Amin alleged that an Afghan official named Toor Gul, who received the visa applications at the window, misbehaved the people and raised unnecessary objections. The people standing in a long queue inside the Embassy premises said that the officials could entertain their applications within two hours, if they open the window in time and avoid indulging in unnecessary discussions with the applicants. They suggested that the Ambassador of Afghanistan should himself take notice of that situation and ensure that the embassy officials would facilitate the people rather than creating problems for them and earning a bad name for their country.