ISLAMABAD A top government official in Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) lost his temperament and resorted to abusive language when asked by this scribe to comment on a gross violation of rules and regulations to accommodate a blue-eyed company to arrange the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. President Aroma Enterprise Rana Imtiaz Ahmad Khan alleged that TADP had violated the rules and regulations to allow Far East Oriental Trading Group to arrange the World Expo 2010, scheduled to be held in Shanghai (May to October 2010). While talking to TheNation, he said that TDAP had ignored experienced companies in making Pakistan pavilion at the World Expo 2010 and accommodated inexperienced companies on political pressure. He said earlier in 2007 the said project was awarded to Bilgrami Company at the highest bid of $17 million while other companies were offering lowest bid of $8 million. However, in December 2008 the previous award was cancelled and the said project was awarded to Far East Oriental Trading Group without rebidding process on the political influence, he explained. When TDAP Director General Shahid Satti was contacted for his comments, he surprisingly refused to talk on the issue. He not only refused to comment for the reason best known to him but also used abusive language. Rana Imtiaz Ahmad said, Far East Oriental Trading Group had never participated in any bidding process and had been co-awarded the Expo project by violating all rules and regulations. It is the worst kind of favouritism and nepotism, he maintained. It is pertinent to mention here that the Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) had also showed concerns over the bidding process of the TDAP for awarding contract. TIP wrote many letters (available with TheNation) to TDAP asking them to ensure transparency in the bidding process. Rana Imtiaz said that if proper arrangements were made, Pakistan could successfully manage $50-60 million business at this expo. He alleged that sole beneficiaries of the Expo 2010 is only Far East Group as Pakistan will not get a single penny out of it, beside bearing $2.8 million loss as its arrangement expenditure. The TIP had already declared TDAP as a corrupt government organisation, he claimed and demanded of the President and the Prime Minister to take action against the TDAP officials involved in the scam. Talking about the poor design, he said that Lahore Fort Alamgir Gate Model was made as Pakistan pavilion, which does not reflect the true picture of Pakistan, as the theme of the World Expo 2010 was Better City-Better Life.