I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards increasing traffic violations and over speeding by private transporters such as Hiace drivers on Peshawar-Mardan Motorway and the condoning of these violations by the Motorway police. Violating traffic rules by public transport are now common and it shows the kind of reckless behaviour they have towards the importance of observing traffic rules. Instead of obeying rules, they indulge in over speeding and traffic rules time and again.

Now they are so addicted to these violations that when their attention is drawn by passengers, they instead start a quarrel with the passengers. But the worse thing is that those who are given the responsibility to enforce traffic rules and minimise their violations can often be noticed enjoying their steady patrolling on roadsides without even looking at those crazy drivers. On the other hand, if by chance those racers are caught and fined, they easily escape the barriers on Motorway toll plazas without paying the fine and even the normal toll taxes. Isn’t it time Motorway police authorities dealt with them with an iron hand to curb the menace?


Swabi, June 2.