PESHAWAR – Activists of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Saturday held a protest demonstration against excessive electricity loadshedding here at main Saddar Road outside press club and across the country.

PTI Central Senior Vice President Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti warned to block all roads of the province especially of Peshawar district, if the unscheduled and excessive loadshedding was not halted immediately. The electricity load shedding stricken protestor led by PTI central leader Khwaja Hoti, Abdur Razzaq, Engineer Hamid, Yasin Khalil and others were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans against loadshedding, lawlessness and rampant corruption of the incumbent rulers. They were waving PTI flags and chanting full-throated slogans against Pesco officials and ANP-led provincial government. The rally was started from FC Chowk and moved towards Peshawar Press Club, in which hundreds of protestors hailing from several areas of Peshawar including Palosai, Tehkal, Sarband, Pushtakhra, Nawan Kali, Landi Arbab, and Dehbahader participated.

Addressing the protestors, Khwaja Hoti said that Pesco has started excessive load shedding in Peshawar and suburbs from 14 to 20 hours daily, which is quite injustice, he added. He said that excessive loadshedding in the extremely hot weather has turned lives of the masses especially women and children in houses were stranger. He maintained that people were facing acute shortage of water at homes for drinking and sanitation purposes. Criticising ANP government, he said that the so-called champions of Pakhtuns rights have forgotten their claims of giving free electricity to the people of this province, but now they have followed a criminal silence. People were compelled on self-emulations because their businesses were badly affected due to the unabated loadshedding. If the same situation sustained, the masses would be compelled to come out at roads, he maintained.

Khwaja Hoti also criticised the Sui gas authorities for holding load shedding in certain areas of Peshawar, and said that the rulers have bent to take even the basic facilities to the masses.

He added that the country is facing numerous challenges both at internal and external fronts, while the rulers are enjoying their luxuries. He warned that masses would drag the rulers at roads, if gravity of the situation was not sensed.