While talking to a foreign journalist, Bilawal Zardari has said that his mother was killed by General (retd) Pervaiz Musharraf who was then at the helm of affairs of the state when she was assassinated. I wonder in what capacity has he stated this, as a Co-chairman of the PPP or as a son of Mr Zardari. The son and the father don’t seem to reading out from the same page. Bilawal must ask his father as to why the murderer of his mother was given a warm guard of honor when he was booted out of President House. And what about those whose party was dubbed as Qatil League and who are now partners of Mr. Zardari. Will Bilawal ask his beloved father all about this? I would also entreat the young Bilawal to ask his neo-uncles, Pervaiz Elahi and Ch. Shujaat as to where that all important pen is by which the judgment of hanging to death of his maternal grandfather was signed. The said pen was bought by Ch. Shujaat’s father at a whopping price and is a family keepsake.


WAH CANTT, June 1.