With the news of Mian Nawaz Sharif’s widely lauded decision to select Dr Abdul Malik, head of the National Party and a joint candidate of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and his party, as Chief Minister is highly commendable; for he commands respect among non-state actors. Mian Nawaz’s courageous and absolutely correct decision has been appreciated by Pakistanis and opinion makers from all shades of opinion. The fact that the disgruntled citizens of a province have finally been given their own representation, is the best possible indication of matters settling in Balochistan in the future. To add to this was the good news that the Frontier Corps Commander in Dera Bugti announced, of 40  militants having surrendered arms this year alone. He added that all those who had so far laid their arms belonged to the Baloch Republican Army (BRA). They had confessed to launching attacks, but expressed the wish to rejoin society and assimilate peacefully.Reportedly, arrangements have been made to bring these Baloch in the mainstream of life so that they do not slip back to the lure of militancy, and the Dera Bugti district administration has come forward to extend them monetary assistance of Rs 10,000 per month till they could be absorbed in some suitable employment. Similarly, the admission of their children in educational institutions being arranged by the authorities would be another step towards helping them get reintegrated in society. It is noteworthy that these are poor people who are lured away with money and would rather live as ordinary, normal citizens than take up arms and lead a life of hardship. However, the surrender could spell the beginning, not the end of insurgency in the province. The incoming government has a lot on its plate on this count as well as the unfortunate lack of development of Balochistan. Thus, the nationalists have to be weaned into the state fold, by giving them credible assurances that the best efforts would be made to do justice to the people who had been discriminated against by a succession of previous governments and whose rights records have been blemished while the state turns a blind eye. An apology was delivered by President Zardari; now Mian Nawaz has set the right direction to make amends to our Baloch brothers. We can all only pray that well-intentioned efforts bear fruit and the country can consolidate efforts to emerge as a stable, secure, prosperous nation.