In this atmosphere of bonhomie, reports indicate that the track-two diplomacy efforts are also about to be experimented; both the sides have agreed to it. Well if any process of talks or consultation could lead to a settlement, so much the better. The only problem with such secret channels is that there is little guarantee that our principled stand for instance on the core issue of Kashmir does not run the risk of a sabotage. In the middle of this equation are also the Kashmiris who have the right to know who is making decisions about them and whether they are in accordance with their wishes. Jamaat-e-Islami is rightly raising its voice that the dispute should be linked to an improvement in ties; which in other words means that good ties with Pakistan require an end to the illegal occupation of the Valley and a plebiscite. It is also a fact that the Jamaat-e-Islami is itself responsible in the form of Maulana Fazalur Rehman, for absolute stagnation and zero performance on the issue of Kashmir, while enjoying the perks of the Chairmanship of the Kashmir Council,  achieving a grand total of nothing – and wasting five years of opportunity.On the other side of the spectrum, New Delhi has been making certain gestures as though it looks forward to a new, rather a better start with the PML-N led by Mian Nawaz Sharif. The fillip came when Manmohan Singh congratulated Mian Nawaz shortly after the victory and also extended an invitation to his country. It was, from an Indian point of view, seen as an aspect of our politicians coming of age since during the canvassing, the element of India bashing was missing. But when Mian Nawaz reciprocated and sent an invitation to Mr Manmohan to attend his oath taking ceremony, it did not generate the expected response. He must have felt spurned after receiving the news that some official from the diplomatic service would be coming.We must extend a hand of friendship but there should be no hurry. Any compromise on the core issue of Kashmir would be met with stiff opposition. Though the PML-N government and its leadership are expected to do something to resolve the dispute, they should not let emotions rule where pragmatism is needed.