Both, the Election Commission of Pakistan and Nadra officials have talked about voters’ thumb impression verification; they announced that the software needed would cost millions. Furthermore, a candidate challenging results or who wished to opt for this verification had to pay Rs10 to Rs15; keeping in mind this cost an alternative should be considered. According to the past practice, there was a system of manual checking and counting, all the Presiding Officers and the district Returning Officers were responsible. They had to calculate and counter-check all ballot books and papers. They should verify the voter list to check polled votes. This effective measure can verify the voters and remove the heavy cost; the only requirement would be ECP’s willingness to do it. Only hardworking and honest staff can do it. So there is no need to go for hi-tech software and computer technology. The expensive technology may be the next step for the next elections. UMME FARWA, Karachi, May 26.